How to choose the best yoga mat

How to choose the best yoga mat

Pick one with plenty of grip. Many cheaply made yoga mats are slippery both on the floor and underfoot, and require you to brace and grip in your poses,  In this case ,you can chosse a mat that has enough texture and grip so you can easily find your foundation without extraneous effort.Otherwise, you’ll end up focusing more on trying not to slip than on improving your postures.

Know which type of yoga you practice. “If you’re practicing the most popular style, you can stay with a 4-mm or 5-mm thick mat so you don’t sink into the mat and you can feel the floor underneath you,”
Also consider how sensitive you are when bearing weight on your shins and knees or reclining.

Balance comfort with mobility. Good cushioning can feel amazing during longer yoga sessions, but it also tends to be bulkier and heavier when moving around town. If you mostly practice at home, having a thick mat probably won't be an issue, but if you commute or travel a lot, you might need a thinner mat—or a better way to carry yours around.

Below Mats can become one of your options.

                                      TPE Yoga Mat

                                       PU Rubber Mat

                                      Foadable Yoga Mat