How to use yoga blocks?

How to use yoga blocks?

Yoga block is an auxiliary device when doing yoga movements. Among the training equipment, yoga blocks are a very good equipment, which can help stretch, can help strengthen strength, and can also help to challenge difficult asanas. Some movements in yoga asanas need to fully stretch the arms or lower the waist to touch the ground. Yoga blocks can help beginners stretch their muscles and bones, and then slowly adjust the distance between the yoga block and the ground, and gradually complete the perfect movements such as self-softening and stretching. When doing some types of yoga movements, in order to insist on the absolute standard of the movements, the use of yoga bricks to help the movements is mainly to prevent strains when doing difficult movements.

The following are the auxiliary exercises of Five yoga blocks recommended for you. If you love yoga, remember to collect and share.

1. Use yoga blocks to stretch the back of the leg.
Come to the crescent moon pose, put your hands on the raised yoga block; exhale, back your buttocks, hook your feet back, straighten your legs, and keep your back extended; inhale and return to crescent pose, repeat 10 times, and switch sides to practice.

2. Use yoga blocks to exercise arm strength
Kneel on the knees, keep the legs together and stretch the insteps; put both hands on the yoga block, keep the abdomen adducted and protect the lumbar spine; exhale and bend the elbows, the chest is forward and downward; inhale straighten the elbows, push up the body, repeat 10 Second-rate.

3. Use yoga blocks to stretch the front of the leg
On the basis of the previous pose, bend the right knee, pull the left hand back and the instep close to the buttocks, hold for 10 breaths, and practice on the other side.

4. Yoga block with crow pose
Stand on the yoga block with both hands on the ground; bend your elbows slightly, keep your forearms perpendicular to the ground; place your knees behind your forearms, lift your left and right feet off the block successively; hold 3 breaths and repeat 5 times.

5. Yoga bricks deepen forward bend exercises
Double-angle pose, put your hands on the brick, turn your hips forward and fold down; inhale, straighten your arms and extend your spine forward, repeat 5 times.

Whether it is a beginner yogi or a friend who practices yoga regularly, using a yoga block can play a very good auxiliary role; a yoga block is a lightweight, cheap, but very easy-to-use yoga aid. It can assist yoga practice, making it easier for practitioners to do the corresponding poses, so as to enjoy the practice process more.