What are the benefits of the yoga wheel ?

What are the benefits of the yoga wheel ?

A small yoga wheel can not only help us massage muscles and dredge the meridians as you imagined, but also assist us in all aspects of yoga practice. You can use yoga wheels to gain flexibility, flexibility, strength and stability, as well as lose weight .

1、stretch side

It's not easy to open the side of the body. It's hard to stretch the sides while staying upright. The yoga wheel does a good job of opening the sides of the body, giving more room to the sides, especially where the intercostal muscles are located. Kneel on your side beside the yoga wheel and place your body on the yoga wheel to feel the stretch.

2、open shoulders

The yoga wheel can open your shoulders and let you experience the coolness you have never had before. Roll back and forth on the yoga wheel, breathe, relax, and feel the stress melt away from your shoulders. As you exhale, practice releasing, releasing the pressure.

3、Massage the spine

In this exercise, let the arc of yoga fit on the back spine, pay attention to the hips without leaving the wheel, and fold the legs, the back roll will stretch and open the front thighs that are forced to shorten and stiffen more fully. Muscles, so it is very suitable for people with stiff and swollen legs after sitting for a long time. While relaxing the back muscles, it also passively stretches the ligaments of the legs.